I am the former Executive Web Producer of Scholastic, and President of Virtual Mechanics, the creators of SiteSpinner and SiteSpinner Pro - best-selling website development tools on Amazon for over twelve years. I help entrepreneurs grow loyal, engaged audiences, build their wealth, and realize their dreams. I have two sons. I live and work half my year in Toronto, and the other half live and worked from my boat which I am slowly sailing around the world.
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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your audience, monetize your passion, gain freedom and security, but struggles with getting traction? I know how that feels...
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My name is J. Peter White, and I help to empower entrepreneurs build and grow their online businesses.

My Story

I've had a long history of working for some of the largest brands on the Internet, including New York Life, CIBC, Deutsche Bank, Scholastic, Blue Cross and many more.

I have write-ups in The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Herald, The Toronto Star, CBS, Yahoo, C|Net and more.

I've also worked with small startups, and for the past fifteen years I've run Virtual Mechanics, a company founded by my late brother. I took the technology he developed and created the SiteSpinner line of website design tools. Our products have been the best-selling apps in their categories on Amazon for over 15 years.

I'm proud that SiteSpinner and SiteSpinner Pro have been used by companies such as the Better Business Bureau, Habitat for Humanity, Michelin, Harley Davidson, numerous universities and schools, and tens of thousands of small businesses and home users.

Today I coach entrepreneurs grow loyal, engaged audiences, build their wealth, and realize their dreams.
You're in the right place - because that is exactly where I can help...
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I Run A Business That Aligns With My Values, And You Can Too

I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I have created a business that lets me work on my terms, which means that I decided what kind of life I want to live, and have my business conform to that, rather than the other way around. Either you control your work, or your work controls you - the decision is really yours to make.

I run my business with a small staff (just me, plus a few virtual assistants). I make a comfortable income. I have the freedom and security to live and work where I please, and I get to help others at the same time.

I have two great boys - when we are not traveling the world, one is an aspiring pilot, the other an aspiring musician and writer.

I live and work for half the year from our home in Toronto. The other half of the year I live and work from my boat that I am slowly sailing around the world.
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A Few Quick Facts

  • I used to live in a VW van and made my living playing my guitar on the street while I traveled around North America.
  • I built my first website in the summer of 1996, and was hired to a six-figure corporate job three months later.
  • I created my first free offer (also known as a lead magnet) in 1998 - to date it has brought in two million registrations, and still brings in 200 to this day.
  • I left the corporate world in 2003. That summer I sailed around the Great Lakes and worked from my laptop.
  • I have worked while anchored off deserted islands with no one else around for miles. If it is cold out, that might just be where I am writing you from...
And last, I'll leave you with this. When I started out, building an audience was hard work. The technology was in it's infancy, and no one knew what worked.

Fortunately it is much easier today. You just need to know the 'secret sauce' to attract leads as quickly and as easily as possible so you can focus on realizing your dreams. And that is where I can help.
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